If you are still not a diver – this is a right place for you to be. You can do many things on this sailing and diving cruise, just choose what you prefer and we'll take care of the rest.

Discover scuba diving

Just dive in! You don't need the complete course to experience diving. This is perfect if you want to find out if diving is a "thing" for you. Our instructor will briefly explain all the basics of scuba diving and take to shallow water for the most fascinating underwater experience.

Resort course

For non-divers who are interested in diving during their vacation, we offer Resort Courses. A resort course is a fantastic way to safely experience scuba diving. An instructor will teach you the principle concepts of diving. Next, you will learn basic scuba skills in shallow water. This is not a certification but a one-time training to allow you to dive with an instructor every day during your trip.

Complete SCUBA course

Basic diving course that will certify you as CMAS One Starr Diver – while on vacation, enjoy the privilege to become a diver aboard a sailing yacht with your instructor ready to answer questions any time. This course will allow you to dive up to 20 meters of depth with your more experienced buddy. The course takes 5-6 days and includes all materials and equipment with classroom and water modules (6 dives in total).


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